Building Practices

We set ourselves apart in the practices and principals we apply in building our homes. These practices begin at the foundation.


Every foundation begins with a geological report, also referred to as soil testing. An engineering company performs a series of depth drilling to obtain core samples. These samples are then analyzed to determine the type of soil that your home will be built on. This step is vital to ensuring a solid foundation for every home we build.

Once the soil type is determined, an engineer will design a foundation specific for the exact floor plan that is being built, soil type and site conditions. At White River Homes 100% of our foundations are provided by a licensed engineer using the aforementioned method. The typical foundations that we build in the area are “rebar” or “post tension,” and which one we build is based on the recommendation of the engineer.


Framing is one of the most critical factors in a quality built home, and we set ourselves apart when it comes to framing. First, we stick build our homes. Stick building is a method that does not involve using pre-manufactured walls or roofs.

Second, we frame our homes using a method that separates wood members by only 16 inches. That means our exterior walls, our rafters and even our interior non-load bearing walls are all framed at 16 inches on center. This ensures a strong and durable home. The standard building practice in central Texas is to use a 24” inch on center method.

At White River Homes we build many two-story plans. When building a two-story home it is important to have a strong floor system for your second level. We refer back to an engineer to provide the design. Each and every one of our floor systems are designed by an engineer specific for the floor plan being built. We then use 1 and 1/8 inch OSB for the sub floor material that goes on top of the floor system. The industry standard for this is 3/4 of an inch. The inch and 1/8th subfloor provides a vast noticeable difference in the feel of the second floor, provides added structural stability as well as added sound dampening properties. This sets us apart from our competitors.


We frame all of our roofs with rafters spaced 16 inches. This creates greater stability and prevents sagging that can show through after the shingles are added. We use Owens Corning 30 year architectural shingles as our base product. Color options as well as upgrades can be added by the buyer/homeowner depending on the stage of construction the home is purchased. Tile options are also available.